Thursday, January 14, 2010

I don't care about your hair, you had sex with Jon Gosselin.

Guess what kids, no Santa Claus next year...

After divorcing the shit out of some fat Asian, Kate Gosselin is putting that child support to great use. Here she is sporting $7,000 worth of hair extensions after telling People magazine she wanted a new look to start off a new year.

In related news, Kate still has a vagina the size of Texas. Dig in boys!

It takes a lot of money to look that trashy

Heidi and Spencer have finally stopped doing stupid shit all day everyday, so they really needed to pull something out of their asses to get those last few minutes in... ta daaa! Heidi's addicted to plastic surgery.

In the new issue of People, Heidi admits that since November 20th, she's undergone 10 different procedures including breast implants, a nose job, and getting her tranny chin shaved down.

The sad part is she could have saved a lot of money trying to trick us into thinking she's a woman by just not marrying Spencer. He's definitely on the receiving end...

This is what happens when some women get dumped... thank God I'm not one of them

It's officially been 7 months since Tony Romo ended his relationship with Jessica Simpson... so can someone explain to me why she still looks like she's hoovering chocolate every night and crying over Lifetime movies?

It was Tony Romo, not Brad Pitt... someone get the girl some sleeping pills and a bottle of vodka already.

It'll put us both out of our misery.