Thursday, September 16, 2010

This week's "How To": Permanently Scarring Your Children

Famous boxer, Floyd Mayweather, was arrested and charged with grand larceny (please continue reading and then explain to me what larceny has to do with anything) in an incident involving the mother of his 3 children.

Allegedly, Mayweather showed up early in the day inquiring about 30-year old Josie Harris' new boyfriend. When she refused to answer questions, Mayweather left only to return late that evening with a friend.

Harris says after waking her, he pulled her to the ground by her hair and punched her repeatedly in the back of the head. Two of the 3 children watched as Mayweather beat Harris and twisted her arm behind her back in an attaempt to break it. Mayweather allegedly told the children that if anyone ran or tried to call police, he would do that same to them.

Harris' 10 year old son ran to the back of the house to a separate building where a friend of Harris stays and the woman then called police, who arrived after Mayweather had already fled the scene (note- the kid has not been beaten to a pulp yet so Mayweather clearly does not stand by his threats... pussy).

The 33-year old former boxer was released on $3,000 bail and has not been charged with any domestic battery as of yet.

Evidently, someone forgot to tell Mayweather that this is a mugshot for beating a woman in front of her children, and not a damn photo shoot. I'm pretty sure after your arrest and fingerprinting, the cop doesn't yell "cheese!" when he takes the picture. Although I wouldn't know; if you want factual information go ask Lindsay Lohan and stop reading blogs as your source of news.

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