Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Who would you rather- Jon Gosselin or Michael Lohan?

Wrong! Ex-Jon Gosselin slop-whore, Kate Major, who actually quit her job with Star magazine in order to screw herself to the top... just screwed herself, period.

I know 8 stepkids sounded like a bit much but being engaged to a Lohan is pretty much the same thing... except it's like all 8 of them are wasted all the time and one records all of your conversations for his twitter.

My favorite part of all this douchebagginess is Lindsay's reaction of course. According to, when they broke the news to Lindsay Lohan, she replied:

"I'm gonna vomit. I so didn't need that info...Yuck!"

Unfortunately for UsWeekly's source, Lindsay wasn't referring to the "breaking story"; that vomit feeling just comes naturally after her lunch of cocaine and vodka.

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