Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This just in... about a week ago because my life is more important than this shit.

And in world news, cocaine and adderol sales have plummeted unexpectedly in Los Angeles, California this week-

Whether you care or not (I'm going on a whim here and saying not) we all know that Lindsay was sentenced to a 90-day jail stay starting on July 20, 2010 as the result of 2 DUIs, excessive partying and violation of probation as well as setting off her very fashionable ankle bracelet during her stay at Cannes Film Festival.

Turns out, this spoiled ass will actually serve approximately 12-15 days in jail due to overcrowding.

I just hope she gets butt-fucked before then. Actually, that's no different from her usual Saturday night so... shit... I don't even know. Did they at least take away her duck-lip plumper and blackberry? Because that's justice.

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