Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Adam Sandler has really hit a slump

Here's Heidi Montag making a cameo in the Adam Sandler movie "Just Go With It" on Monday.

I know this because the dumb whore serious actress had it plastered all over her twitter:

"I just had THE BEST day of my life filming my first comedy movie!!!!! It was beyond what I could have ever dreamed!!!!!"

"I am wearing my sailor shorts I designed in the movie!!!"

"I LOVE Adam Sandler!!"

And just in case you missed it, don't worry; her new manager, Aiden Chase, has it covered:

"Heidi's dreams are big. She believes them, and I believe them."
I really thought after she fired devil ginger-beard as manager, she'd have a heck of a time finding representation who could market a man-chinned recyclable; well done Chase.

But I have to ask, what the hell is this movie about? Because unless it's a sequel to "Mannequin", except this time Adam Sandler falls for a plastic tranny until one of the boobs deflate, I just can't put 2 and 2 together.

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