Monday, February 2, 2009

Michael Phelps finally gets some street cred

The man, the myth, the 8-medal winning legend best known for his terrible acting in commercials and desperate attempts at making America believe he listens to Lil Wayne, actually looks cool for the first time in his life. Here's the rap enthusiast at the University of South Carolina at Columbia allegedly visiting a girl he was seeing. He arrived at a party with her and other girls, knocked back a few beers and of course took the bong hit that coughed him out of the 2012 Olympics. What's better is the partygoers described him as loud and obnoxious while slamming beers with them one after the other. Evidently 8 medals and shitty commercials aren't enough for the ugly and insecure. Great job Michael Phelps, or can we just call you gangsta now?

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