Monday, September 28, 2009

Can you just OD already?

So despite owing thousands for lent out jewelry that was supposedly "stolen" from her house, and then rumored to be getting sued over owing car rental fees to a company, Lindsay Lohan decides she's still cool enough to piss off famous people, not just the lowly people who wait on her retarded ass.
The former actress decided that in order to host the F1 Rocks in Singapore, featuring some big names in music, she needed to have the largest dressing room, so she could fill the bathtub with coke, or something along those lines (ha! get it, lines).
Well Beyonce, who actually does things, instead of just putting them up her nose, showed up Saturday with a huge entourage and security team to kick Lindsay out of the suite.
In all fairness, did Beyonce really need to diva her way into the room? All she had to do was hand Lohan a bag of baby powder and she would have gladly left, no questions asked.

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