Tuesday, September 15, 2009

If it makes my tummy hurt, does that make it art?

Leave it to Lady "I'm hiding my Disco Stick" Gaga to pull out all the stops for her performance at this year's VMAs. The "Paparazzi" performance left the audience a little queasy with a finale featuring blood and Gaga's lifeless body hanging until the lights faded. After several outfit changes, including an Eskimo/dog chain number, a full face-covering lace garment and of course feather collars and gold eye-patches, I don't know why anyone would be stunned at a little blood.

I love Gaga, but she could perhaps tone it down a bit... we get it, you're artistic and weird. But I don't think looking like a used tampon is what they meant by avant-garde. But what do I know, I shop at Forever21 and they don't understand that menstrual cycles is the new black.

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