Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jon - Kate + 8 + babysitter/pot smoking new girlfriend= Kate Gosselin doesn't get paid enough

Kate Gosselin, who by the way, gets paid $75,000 per episode of Jon & Kate, decided while co-hosting The View, that's just not enough.
After ignoring her half the show, Joy Behar finally decided to bring her into the conversation by asking her questions about the show she likes to pretend she hates:
In response to Behar's question about how she could place her life in front of TV cameras, Gosselin said it was a different story for the first five seasons. Things were "innocent." Now, however, things can't stop, she said - and, as a single mother, she needs the paycheck."Do they pay you enough?" asked Behar."Is anybody paid enough?" answered Gosselin.
I don't know Kate, I guess making over a million a year while still getting free products from advertisers, sponsorships and still bitching when your food stamps expire so you get half your groceries paid for just isn't enough. Unless each of your children has their own pony or roller coaster, I really don't know where all that money is going to. I mean, it's obviously not going to your hairdresser.

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