Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jessica Simpson's dead dog has a higher I.Q. than her... after it died

Jessica Simpson still believes that after being snatched by a coyote, her dog, Daisy, is still alive and will be brought home. TMZ states:

"Jessica has been in touch with a lost dog-finding service called -- a company that power dials 1000 of Jessica's closest neighbors in Encino, California to alert them about Simpson's situation. Sources close to the situation claim Jess is still "praying" for the dog, but she knows the "odds are against" her. We're told Jessica is still clinging to hope, because Daisy is "fast" .... and may have seized an opportunity to bolt from her captor".

Yeah... hey Jess, you know who else is fast?

Tony Romo... and I'm not talking about on the field.

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  1. bahaha i love you - perez hilton better watch his back