Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kim gets back at Reggie... by becoming a WWF wrestler

Evidently Kim Kardashian has started using a new weight loss product (which of course always work) and decided to get the ad campaign started early by twittering with pics from the photo shoot:

"U can get Quick Trim now It works! Check out my twitpics! I lost my last 6 lbs fast & toned up! Loving QUICK TRIMDon't kill me @NickSaglimbeni 4 posting snapshots of our shoot, they aren't photoshopped yet, but who needs it! Quick Trim baby! Go get it!Quick Trim DOES A BODY GOOD!"

I used to think Kim looked really great, but now she looks like she could kill me in more ways than just pointing her ass in my general direction.

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